An IPA with QCBF Title Sponsor, Cloosiv

An IPA with QCBF Title Sponsor, Cloosiv

It was a simple purchase Tim Griffin made five years ago that changed the way he looked at the buying experience and motivated him to build a technology company that provides its customers with a single app to purchase goods and services.

“Our goal is to enhance the customer’s physical buying experience, regardless of where they are. We provide customers with an easier way to buy, and an experience that rewards them for each purchase they make throughout the day,” said Griffin.

Naturally, we wanted to know how Cloosiv could impact one of the most hallowed retail environments – a brewery’s taproom – so we met with Tim over his favorite taproom beverage, an IPA.

First of all, we are so glad you chose to introduce Cloosiv not only through a brewery tour, but by becoming the title sponsor of Queen City Brewers Festival! Tell us how Cloosiv will enhance the brewery taproom experience for its users and for those behind the bar.

Until about a year ago, the taproom wasn’t even on our radar. Then there was a light bulb moment where we realized “why limit ourselves to retail stores only?” If you reference the Starbucks app, and how popular it has become for customers to be able to order, pay and pick up their coffee right from the bar, why could you not have that experience when ordering a beer? Much like my coffee order, I know pretty much exactly what I’m going to get at a brewery or a bar, and that’s an IPA. Sure, I’ll peruse the menu for IPA variations, but with Cloosiv I can grab a table with my friends, order what I know I already like, pick it up when it’s ready and not have to wait in line.

In terms of bar staff, it’s going to alleviate crowding around the bar, which is the idea behind The Beta Brewery Tour. Patrons can certainly still have a conversation with the server, but it’s going to help customers who know what they want and get their order more quickly, and with the time they’ve saved on a busy fall Saturday in the taproom, they’ll probably end up enjoying another beer as a result [laughs].


We’re all for saving time and enjoying an extra beer responsibly, but what are other benefits to using Cloosiv?

Ultimately, the long term value to using Cloosiv is the aggregation of purchases. Meaning it becomes a part of your everyday life:  when you buy coffee in the morning, pick up lunch with co-workers, buy a pair of shoes at your local boutique retailer then wrap it up for happy hour beers in the tap room after work. If you’re using Cloosiv for everyday purchases, at that point it really becomes a tool.

What is the one key point you would like Charlotte beer enthusiasts to know about Cloosiv?

Well, I mentioned that I’m a very predictable customer when it comes to the taproom environment; I’m going to order an IPA and be on my way. But I did want to illustrate that Cloosiv will create a more relaxed environment for the more adventurous or curious customer by getting someone like me out of line [laughs]. My wife, for example, will ask the server or brewmaster for recommendations, ingredients and tasting notes so she can find their sweetest offering. In this regard, Cloosiv can help open up dialogue channels for those who are looking for that one-on-one exchange.

Bonus question: which beer, or should we say IPA, is in your fridge right now?

Ha! Of course it’s an IPA and I’ve been on a Hop, Drop ‘n Roll kick pretty much since the day I moved to Charlotte.

The team: Sean, Peter, Tim, Andrew and Alicia. Photo credit: StartCharlotte