QCBF Official Date Announcement

QCBF Official Date Announcement

QCBF attendees past and future,

This is official notice that planning is underway to bring Queen City Brewers Festival back in February 2023

So, consider this the most advance notice yet to save the date for the next QCBF: 02.11.23.

The stars represent QCBF’s previous beneficiaries, Partners for Parks (2012-13) and ACEing Autism (2014-21). Logo refresh by Sublmnl.

When we do come together at the next QCBF, the proceeds generated from the event will support the Charlotte Independent Brewers Alliance (CIBA). The CIBA’s purpose is to provide its members resources to optimize their business operations, positively impact our community and showcase the beverages that are crafted by the breweries founded here.

Attending QCBF as a ticketholder, sponsor, partner or as part of its event staff will work to make Charlotte’s craft beverage industry a greater force! Our breweries provide a wide range of benefits to those who live here from employment to culture to celebratory elixirs, of course.

With the Court Shoes Only beer initiative serving as a proven and highly successful vehicle to advance and promote ACEing Autism program locations (more details on the return of Court Shoes Only coming soon!), the decision to align QCBF with the CIBA – a longtime session sponsor of QCBF – was a natural one.