Thank You from ACEing Autism

We hope all who attended Queen City Brewers Festival 2014 had a blast.  Judging from these smiling faces, we feel safe saying you did!  With a new venue that provided enough space to host our beloved Charlotte breweries, local beverage exhibitors, artists, sponsors and a select group of craft beer-centric restaurants, we were confident each tasting session would be a success.  We’d also like to recognize our hardworking volunteers (including a number of members of the Carolina BrewMasters) and the guys at Zali Presents for their expertise behind the scenes.  To all those in attendance, we would like to say. . . 

THANKYOU_DDBecause of your support, ACEing Autism-Charlotte programming will launch on March 1 at Alexander Street Park near Uptown.  Please visit the Charlotte program page if you would like to learn more about clinics, how to become a volunteer or instructor and/or to make a donation.

Lastly, congratulations to our raffle prize winners.  We had close to 400 entries and are so appreciative of the generous contributions from our sponsors, breweries, exhibitors and partners.  Hard to argue there was a more exciting moment than when the winners were announced!

QCBF14 - 091(Photo credit Tom Henderson Photography)

Stay tuned for upcoming profiles on The Unknown Brewing Co. as well as the famous Bulldog Beer and Wine.  And before you know it, we’ll be getting you ready for next year’s QCBF:  January 31, 2015.  Cheers!

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